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Root Cause Therapy
Heal on a Deeper Level Where Real
Long-term Change is Possible 
What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful style of therapy which assists you in getting to the root-cause of your current presenting symptoms. It is a combination of talk therapy, kinesiology, and trauma healing which works on all levels of consciousness; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, to get to the root cause and heal the pain from your past or perceived future, that may be presently still affecting you today.

Do you experience negative self-talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours, or perhaps PTSD and procrastination from low self-belief, because of painful events in the past or anxiety about the future? 

It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long-term change is possible.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that someone or something outside of ourselves cannot make the lasting changing that we seek. If we use a method where someone else is using a form of healing that is going to ‘fix’ us, it will not work permanently. The reason for this is that whatever is blocking or stopping us, we need to get the lessons, the learnings behind the event before we can heal and this is something that we need to experience for ourselves, we need to get the lesson and release the emotions behind it before we can move on.

How We Work Together

Root Cause Therapy is a modality that gets to the ROOT of a problem quickly by working directly with the subconscious mind to rewire beliefs that were picked up either as adults, children, in the womb, generationally or past life experiences. It then allows for you to get a new learning and perspective on the event that triggered the belief pattern in you’re life. It allows for rapid change over a relatively short period.

How much time will it take? 

You can have many beliefs shift after just 1 session, but it is recommended to have more than one session to allow for belief pattern shifts, and it gives you time to reflect on how far you have come since the first session and what baggage has been left behind. It also allows you to go deeper with the therapist in order to create bigger shifts around more significant trauma’s in your life. 

WARNING, side effects may include; less stress & anxiety, no more burnout, more energy, knowing your purpose, increased self confidence, increased focus, improved mindset, better sleep, healed physical pain symptoms and so much more!


We will get clear on your goals, what you want to heal, any blocks you might have that are stopping you from achieving your goals and then we go through a healing to release 1-3 limiting beliefs. This session is great if you want to experience this therapy or have a particular belief/issue you want to work on.

What do you get?

              2 hour video (Zoom) session

3 Session Package - $510

What do you get?

              3 weekly 2 hour video (Zoom) sessions

Want to know more? 

Kind Words
Suzanna H.jpg

Suzanna Hatos

I know Rae many years now. Both of us are Bowen therapist and we did swapping, did healing on each other. That is how our friendship started. Her energy is gentle, caring but powerful and delivers the right healing energy and messages from spirit when she does Reiki too. With her new healing modality the Root Cause Therapy that she was helping me with lately was not many stone left unturned. I was taken to uncharted waters, places where I didn’t dare to go before. I have many woulds, hurts from both energy but the masculine energy issues are quite severe so my relationships didn’t go too well. Even with my Twin Flame love I couldn’t stay because the wound was still unhealed and was keep coming up to the surface.   After few sessions Rae was working on the  masculine energy. The session was very challenging sometimes even painful  but also healing and uplifting. Few days after the session I bumped into my Twin Flame who I haven’t seen years. It was amazing. The blockages  was cleared, some layers was taken off so we were able to meet again.
The Root Cause Therapy is a very powerful technique and Rae is a very good therapist, delivering the technique in a very gentle but powerful way so the healing is inevitable.

Annie Allan.jpg

I had some family issues that were holding me back from feeling successful both in my personal life and in my business. I had four sessions of Root Cause Therapy, along with some Emotion Code with Rae and was amazed at quickly I moved these unwanted energies that had me stuck for many years.

Rae is intuitive and just seemed to know the right thing to say to gently nudge me toward the cause of the issues. Rae also knew when to stop and give me a breather, as it can be pretty intense at times. She made me feel safe so I was able to face my hidden emotions without fear and took me to a pleasing alternative future. Thank you Rae

Annie Allan

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