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Emotional Freedom Technique
Release Yourself and Find Your Harmony

The premise of EFT is that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body’s energy flow that keeps emotions trapped and producing the physical stimulus that leads to emotional distress. In breaking this loop EFT restores the balance of thinking and feeling so you can move forward confidently.


EFT is based on Eastern acupuncture, which uses Meridian lines in the body, and Western Cognitive theory.


Cognitive theory has evolved over the last 30 years as a mainstay of psychotherapy. Its premise is that our thoughts, even though we may be unaware of them, precede our emotional responses, and if we can exercise control over our thoughts, we can change dysfunctional emotional patterns.


Meridian Lines are the energy network of the body; the lines are the channels by which our energy flows, thus transporting life energy throughout the body.

Our life energy – also known as Chi or Qi – distributed by these channels is not exactly a physical system like the circulatory system, it is better understood as being a process as opposed to a structure. This process is studied by Chinese medicine practitioners as intently as a western doctor would have to study the anatomy of the human body.

Sometimes worries form neurological loops or blockages in our energy flow and by tapping on certain points on the meridian lines we can unblock this flow of energy to restore balance.




What causes disturbances?  All living organisms have top to bottom as well as lateral polarity and many factors besides the generalized effects of electromagnetic fields can cause polarity reversals. Causes might include environmental factors such as certain chemicals or electromagnetic radiation from TV or computer screens. (Do you work in a call centre environment?).


Certain foods and stressful situation can be a factor, and other peoples reversals can “rub off’ ON US.  We have all had the experience of being brought down by another person’s depressions, agitated by their anxiety, or feeling that another person’s happiness is contagious.


How many of us find changes to our thoughts and emotions coming up to a full moon? All these things are affecting our polarity and left unchecked can cause polarity reversals – we are out of whack! When we are out of whack, we cannot apply our emotional intelligence correctly.



We become so reactive and unbalanced that our emotions hurt us rather than help us?  We react in ways that clearly are not in our best interest, or that clearly do not make us or those around us happy?


In love, work and family relationships, unproductive emotions can lead to poor communication and an inability to work through and solve problems. By managing our emotions more effectively we can dissolve distressing emotions, which allows us to think more clearly and to use our emotional intelligence to make better decisions.

Using EFT
Working Together

Want to shift some stuck emotions so you can move forward?

EFT is all about moving energy so it can flow smoothly again. As a Reiki, EFT and Bowen Therapy practitioner of many years I am well equipped to aid you in your journey in restoring balance to your energy flow.

Yes there is a lot you can do for yourself, but sometimes you just need someone who is intuitive enough to find the real issue and work on that. Let me help you get over the hump.

Single Session - $90

What this includes - 1 hour EFT via Zoom

If you have never used EFT before I will teach you the basics, so you will be able to routinely use this fabulous modality yourself, then we will dive into your issues. I can recommend various other tools that may also help you, such as Bach Flower remedies. You will also receive a sheet showing the tapping points and any relevant statements that will aid in your particular situation. 


 Want to Know More?

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