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Holistic Health Coaching
Balance Mind, Body & Spirit
What is Holistic Health Coaching

Many Holistic Health Coaches specialise in one area such as nutrition or emotional health. What I aim to do for you is to use all my training, to bring you the best health coaching in what ever area is needed. 

I have coached many people in nutrition, only to find their mindset is not right for the changes they need to commit to. The opposite can happen too, a client will come for spiritual healing and be guided to address their diet or exercise regime.

Allow me to design a program that is just right for you. We start where you need the most help first and build from there. We work together to address the balancing of mind, body and spirit in a way that suits you. Working with strategies that you resonate with, so the healing process is as comfortable as possible.


Healing takes time and commitment so I only work with programs I know to produce results.

The Healthy Eating Program

A 4 week program where we identify the best diet including herbs and supplements that suits your body and lifestyle.


  • A comprehensive diet/lifestyle plan for health based on your answers to questionnaires and possibly a food diary

  • 2 x 1 hour mindset sessions using EFT & Bach Flowers

  • Free 'Recipe for Healthy Eating' E-book

  • On-going email support

  • Complimentary 8 week video follow up and tweak

Price $460

Girl Eating an Apple
Back on Track Program
Spa Pool

A 4 week energy shifting program where I incorporate NLP, EFT, Reiki and meditation to bring you back to alignment of your true self. Often the ego or outside forces can take over and knock us off our true path in life, leaving us feeling disassociated from our body and life itself. This often leaves us stuck in fear and unable to move forward.


  • 4 x 1 hour EFT or Mediation sessions that may incorporate NLP anchoring or required exercises

  • EFT scripts to suit your circumstances

  • Meditation resources

  • 2 x 1/2 hour distance Reiki healings

  • Unlimited email support

Price: $395

Not sure what you need?

That’s okay, I’ve got you!

Book in a free 20 minute discovery call to discover the best course of action suited to your individual needs.

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