Reiki Treatment

Reiki and Meditation

Natural Energy Healing

Reiki pronounced Ray-Key is a Japanese word meaning "The Universal Life Force Energy". It is a vibrational energy technique that balances, harmonises and restores our energy systems.

The treatment is received fully clothed through gentle hands-on placements of the practitioner. The energy flows wherever required and is usually felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body, leaving a wonderful glowing radiance within. Reiki healing energy will aid in detoxification and gentle healing, chakra balancing and auric cleansing is included.

Reiki is the gentle energy, the life force that permeates all living things. The life force that pulsates in the trees, flowers, plants and animals is the same life force that pulsates through us. The same life force that gives us power to speak and to sing is the power behind the song of the bird and the roar of the lion.


$60 per hour

For Best Results 3 sessions $155​

Guided Relaxation and Meditation classes available on request.

$20 per person (minimum 3 people)

Sessions can be conducted online via Skype, Facetime or Zoom

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