A Bracelet that is a Tool to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety. It Comes with a Workbook and Healing Light Meditation. 
While working with clients, family and friends who have all suffered from anxiety, some debilitating, I used many techniques to help. I finally came to the conclusion that by having a plan to work towards with something physical as a reminder of the plan, this can alleviate the worry and anxiety. Relaxing with meditation and having the spiritual aspect of the crystals is also greatly beneficial.

The workbook provides a number of exercises you can work through to discover what you truly value in life at this time. Goals and values change through your life so I would encourage you to re-visit these exercises regularly. The workbook also gives examples of how to set up your Harmony Bracelet for best results.
I can also send you an Mp3 Healing Light Meditation. This is a very deep meditation taking you into a deep relaxation state, wonderful if sleep is alluding you.
By using the workbook to make a plan for your worries and by using your Harmony Bracelet as a reminder this can greatly reduce your stress.

Find Your Harmony

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  • Researched Crystal Beads on Strong Memory Wire

    Handmade on the Sunshine Coast

    Stainless Steel Om and Lotus Charms

    Tarnish Free Safety Chain

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