70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system are housed in your gut wall. In todays environment having a strong immune system is crucial. If you want to fix your health, start with your gut. Gut health literally affects your entire body. 

In my E-book 3 Proven Steps to Great Digestive Health I explain What the Digestive System is and Why is it so Important and the 3 crucial steps to improving it; Detoxification: Subtracting the Bad Stuff; Adding the Good Stuff. Plus a bonus Getting Started Recipe section.


Here's what reader Leila Summers had to say:

'This little book is packed with powerful information which is set out in a logical and easy to understand format. Although I don’t suffer from a digestive illness, this book made me realize that if I carry on eating the way I have been, my digestive system is really going to suffer sooner or later. The author doesn’t only explain WHAT we should remove from our diet, but also WHY we should remove it, in a way that makes such obvious sense that it is impossible to ignore. She also explains what we should be adding to our diet and why, and provides recipes to get us started. The digestive system is explained in such a straightforward and coherent manner that I am going to use it to teach my children about it. I highly recommend this 5-star book. Everyone should read it!'

3 Proven Steps To Great Digestive Health E-book

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