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6 Tips to Alleviate Worry

If you often find yourself obsessing about the future or dwelling on the past…you're not alone!

The truth is, most people spend a lot of time worrying, (usually about things that never actually happen!), which can negatively affect health, relationships and inner peace…

The good news is - you CAN break this bad habit, and to help you, here are my best 6 tips for letting go of worry so you can fully embrace your life.

Tip 1 - Set aside time to worry - Instead of worrying all day, designate a 30 minute period of time where you can think about all of your challenges and how you might overcome them. If you find yourself worrying outside of that time, force your mind to another topic.

Use your designated worry time productively! Get creative, find solutions to your worries and then confront them head on.

Tip 3 - Let go of control - Accept that some things are outside of your control. If you decide that there's nothing you can do to change a situation…accept it and then let it go.

Use the Circle of Influence Game; draw two circles on a piece of paper one inside the other. If you have a worry imagine yourself stepping inside the first circle. Ask yourself –“Is there anything I can do to influence this worry?” If you can see nothing you can do then say “I have no influence, I let this worry go” and step out of the circle. If there is something you can do to influence this situation then see yourself stepping into the inner circle. Once here you can now formulate a solution, write down what you can do to influence the situation and make an action plan. You may then step out of the circles and think about your next worry in the same fashion, letting go of those you cannot influence and having a plan for those you can.

Tip 4 - Cultivate appreciation - If you find yourself constantly worrying, try to focus your mind on things you’re grateful for. When you do this, you’re shifting your energy into a more positive space and opening yourself up to experience peace and joy rather than stress. Keep a small book that you can write down ten things a day that you are grateful for.

Tip 5 - Love yourself - Be sure to put aside a little time for yourself to relax, spend time with friends and family and to reconnect. Taking time to love yourself allows you to focus on what's really important and to shift your mind away from useless worry. Spend time in nature, walking, cycling or just sitting and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.

Tip 6 - Be here, now - The vast majority of time we worry about things that have already happened or will never happen, which robs us of the joy in the present moment. Practice mindfulness by focusing your attention on the here and now. For example, while having a drink, focus your mind on your hand that is holding the glass/cup, move purposefully and slowly, feeling every muscle, feeling the air on your skin, the steam or the cool from the drink as you slowly bring it to your lips.

Notice the small things. The more often you do this during your day the more you will focus on the here and now, leaving less time for worrying over yesterday or tomorrow.

Like any habit, it will take consistency to drill this new way of dealing with ‘worry’ into the core of who you are, so I suggest you start today and start enjoying your Inner Calm!

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