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Break out of Fear and Anxiety, Balance your Emotions.

Believe in Yourself.


Hello! I’m Rae. I help women tame that nasty inner critic and give self doubt and negativity the boot.

You may have some deep, (or shallow) trauma, you just can't reach, that keeps you from moving forward or enjoying life to the fullest.

It's tough trying to identify why you are anxious, nervous or panic stricken in certain situations. Allow me to help you. I'm great at identifying the right methods that will work best for you


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Not sure what you need?

That’s okay, I’ve got you!

Book in a free 20 minute discovery call to discover the best course of action suited to your individual needs.

client love

"I was in a dark place when I reached out to Rae. I was stuck in fear, not knowing how to get out or to move forward.

When I called Rae I had no idea what I needed but Rae picked up, just from talking to me that I was a spiritual person and she intuitively used methods that I responded well to.

We not only had a number of sessions together, but Rae also recommended resources and exercises that helped immensely.

I am now happy, settled and fulfilled, and have the strength to move forward on my purposeful path.

Rae is kind and non-judgmental, and I would recommend anyone to work with Rae on any level."

                                                                                                                                                           Jocelyn Mayes

"I know Rae many years now. Both of us are Bowen therapist and we did swapping, did healing on each other. That is how our friendship started. Her energy is gentle, caring but powerful and delivers the right healing energy and messages from spirit when she does Reiki too.

With her new healing modality the Root Cause Therapy that she was helping me with lately was not many stone left unturned. I was taken to uncharted waters, places where I didn’t dare to go before. I have many wounds, hurts from both energy but the masculine energy issues are quite severe so my relationships didn’t go too well. Even with my Twin Flame love I couldn’t stay because the wound was still unhealed and kept coming up to the surface.   


After few sessions Rae was working on the  masculine energy. The session was very challenging sometimes even painful  but also healing and uplifting. Few days after the session I bumped into my Twin Flame who I haven’t seen in years. It was amazing. The blockages  were cleared, some layers were taken off so we were able to meet again.

The Root Cause Therapy is a very powerful technique and Rae is a very good therapist, delivering the technique in a very gentle but powerful way so the healing is inevitable."

                                                                                                                                               Susanna Hatos

Harmony Program

The Perfect Gift for Your Loved One's

A program to alleviate stress and anxiety by discovering your true values and goals. This program is completely self guided and includes the Harmony Crystal Bracelet, The Harmony Workbook, and a 30 minute Mp3 Healing Light Meditation

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